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Lobby Projects 01

Bethany Collins - The Problem We All Live With

2016 | Birmingham Museum of Art
Gallery Guide
6 panel / trifold
Typeset in Akzidenz Grotesk

lobby projects was an initiative by the Birmingham Museum of Art that invited contemporary artists to create site-specific commissions in the Museum’s main entrance. The debut artist was Bethany Collins, whose conceptually-driven work is fueled by critical exploration of how race and language interact.

exhibition gallery guide cover
gallery guide layout
Collins took archival scans of The Birmingham News from important days during the Civil Rights Movement and created blind embossed prints. The covers, often not mentioning the Civil Rights Movement at all, were embossed on white paper. The internal pages where civil rights stories were often buried deep within the newspaper, were blind embossed on black paper. The gallery guide, featuring an interview with the artist was presented in a somewhat exaggerated reference to a newspaper format.
gallery guide layout
gallery guide layout