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shift_ a temporary platform for social exchange

2016 | Birmingham Museum of Art
8 pages / selfcover
Typeset in Akzidenz Grotesk

For five months shift occupied a ground floor storefront in Birmingham’s Theatre and Arts District. A Birmingham Museum of Art initiative, shift was a satellite space that will functioned as a platform for conversations around contemporary art. The project aimed to push the Museum's contemporary programming beyond the walls of the Museum–to engage new people and expand the community and to work with Birmingham artists in more non-traditional ways.

shift invited two people from the Birmingham community each month, for the course of five months, as hosts to occupy and activate the space. Hosts included Birmingham-based artists and creatives who worked together to present a project to the public on the last Friday of each month. shift’s collaborative nature encouraged hosts to push outside their creative comfort zone, creating opportunities to consider new ideas and concepts. shift also invited the community to come work, read, meet friends, hold meetings, write, and hang out.

shift also included a zine makerspace. The makerspace was stocked with supplies for visitors to create their own zines as well as a small display of zines belonging to the Birmingham Zine Library.

cover with illustrated cover
book layout
The promotional zine served as a template for the zine each pair of hosts would produce during their month long residency at shift.

book layout

book layout

book layout
The inside of the 11 x 17 inch template featured a poster describing the program.