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Third Space

2017–2018 | Birmingham Museum of Art
Posters | Marketing Materials
Typset in Akzidenz Grotesk and AGM

The Birmingham Museum of Art launched its largest exhibition of contemporary art in 2017 with Third Space. Drawing from the permanent collection, the exhibition focused on the connections between Birmingham, Alabama, the American South, and the Global South. A series of programs was a vital component of the exhibition, featuring artist lectures and performances. These are marketing materials for those programs.

Poster featuring a standing figure with raised first
Chapter One featured Tommie Smith, famous for his protest at the 1968 Olympics in conversation with artist Glenn Kaino, who created a sculpture composed of 200 bronze casts of Smith's raised arm. The poster features the iconic form of Smith raising his fist in protest, a gold tone image of Kaino's sculpture behind him.
Poster featuring a person's face covered in teeth whitening strips, hand held against 
			the side of his face
Conceptual Wilmer Wilson IV gave a lecture for the third Chapter. The arresting image of Wilson with teeth-whitening strips pasted to his face does the heavy lifting, the text arranged in an off kilter, though heavily gridded, fashion to compliment the unease of the image.
Poster featuring a seated man smiling
An improvisational performance by Lonnie Holley ended the series of Chapters. Holley is something of a local celebrity, hence highlighting his name prominently, along with the friendly and inviting image of him.